Bachelor Degrees


In polytechnic higher education, the cycle of studies leading to a bachelor’s degree corresponds to the 1st degree of higher education and lasts six semesters, equivalent to 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) or, exceptionally, seven or eight semesters, which are equivalent to 240 ECTS credits.

The bachelor’s degree is awarded to those who, by passing all the curricular units that make up the study plan of the degree course, have obtained the established number of credits.

Admission to degree courses at the Polytechnic of Viseu presupposes that candidates meet the general requirements for access to public higher education through different routes: national competition, special competitions, special regimes, change of institution/course pair and re-entry.

Escola Superior Agrária de Viseu

Agrarian School

Escola Superior de Saúde de Viseu

Health School

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