The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu is a public higher education institution in the heart of Portugal that provides the opportunity for students and staff from all over the world to come to IPV for short or long-term mobility and to upskill in a diverse and vibrant learning environment.

Today, IPV is a front-edge institution and a stone mark in the city and region, but also in the country, offering multiple choices of education for life.

The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu is also part of the European University for Customised Education (EUNICE). If you are a student or staff member from one of the ten university partners in the alliance, do not hesitate to take the opportunity that the European University offers you!

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Academic Offer

IPV offers a broad variety of course units covering a range of fields of study, from Arts, Agrarian Sciences, Business Sciences, Communication, Sports, Education, Engineering, Social Work and Counselling, Health, Technologies and Tourism.

The academic offer is divided into higher professional technical courses, bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate and master’s programmes, lectured in 5 different schools: Agrarian School, Health School, School of Education, School of Technology and Management of Lamego and School of Technology and Management of Viseu.

Exchange Students


If you are interested in your academic, cultural and personal enrichment, you can apply for an international mobility experience at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu. You can develop:

  • study periods, from three to 12 months;
  • internship, from two to 12 months;
  • combined period of studies and internship, from three to 12 months, to be carried out during the same academic year.

Financial support for these experiences is provided through the Erasmus+ Programme in the form of travel and subsistence grants. For more information, please get in touch with the International Office of your institution.

Student Guide (soon)

Information about the Application Procedure

The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu has an on-line platform for the submission of applications to the Erasmus+ incoming students – MobilidadeNET.

As soon as your institution nominates you as an Erasmus student at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, you will receive an e-mail with the username and password for you to login. You will receive the e-mail from the following address: . Sometimes the e-mail is considered spam so please check your spam box. The username and password expires after 60 days, so if you are not able to enter the platform, please let us know so that we can send you new ones.

Enclosed you will find a guide to help you submit your application.

Please take into consideration that you will have to upload the following documents:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Learning Agreement for Studies Proposal.
  • Copy of your National Identification Card or Passport
  • A passport size photograph
  • Copy of your valid European Health Insurance Card

Please notice that:
If you are applying for studies, you should initiate your application to Erasmus Estudos /Studies – 1st phase.
If you are applying for a practical placement, you should initiate your application to Erasmus estágios/ internships – 1st phase.

When we receive your application, and in case it is accepted, you will receive a formal application letter.

2 – Application deadline

1st semester/annual: june 15th
2nd semester: november 30th

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Academic Coordinators

Agrarian School | Carla Santos | +351 232 446 600 |

School of Education | Véronique Delplancq | +351 232 419 000 |

Health School | Cláudia Chaves | +351 232 419 100 |

School of Technology and Management of Lamego | Didiana Fernandes | +351 254 615 477 |

School of Technology and Management of Viseu | Isabel Duarte | +351 232 480 500 |

Student Support


The Polytechnic Institute of Viseu has Student Halls with limited capacity for Erasmus students.

In order to get more information about your eligibility please contact our International Office.

The International Office will support non-eligible students in finding private accommodation.



Students coming from non-EU countries and staying in Portugal for a period longer than 90 days, need to obtain a National (D) visa.

Students can obtain a visa from the Embassy of Portugal in their country prior to arrival to Portugal (if there is no Portuguese embassy in your country, you will have to go to the nearest one available). The list of embassies and their contacts can be found in the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Students are not advised to enter Portugal visa free, as it is not in accordance with the laws and regulations of visa-free travelling, and it may cause problems when reaching the first Schengen area country.

The up-to-date information about the process of visa application is available in the website of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our International Office supports all incoming exchange students and provide them with information and guidance through the process.



Citizens from EU/EEA countries and Switzerland are not required a visa to enter Portugal. However, students staying in Portugal for a period longer than 90 days, must obtain a certificate of temporary residence in Portugal and declare a place of residence.

More information about the required documents is available in the website of our Migration Department.

Health Insurance

All international students are obliged to bring medical insurance valid in Portugal for the study period.


Students coming from the EU/EEA countries are required to have European health insurance card (EHIC) or form E111, confirming that student has EU health insurance.


Students coming from non-EU countries are required to provide a valid health insurance while applying for a National (D) visa.

Useful Information
Useful Links
Useful and Emergency Contacts


Red Cross
(+351) 232 425 566
(+351) 232 422 018

GNR (Traffic Control Police)
(+351) 232 467 956
(+351) 232 436 637

Hospital de S. Teotónio
(+351) 232 420 500

PSP (Police)
(+351) 232 480 380

Civil Protection Service
(+351) 232 422 076


Partner Institutions

The Polytechnic of Viseu develops, in partnership with several international institutions, cooperation projects that, to a lesser or greater extent, promote the participation of its students in a wide range of international activities: the sending and hosting of teachers who will take part in teaching missions, the organization of short courses, joint research projects, curricular development programs, among others.

To check the list of partner institutions, see the IPV’s MOBILIDADEnet portal

Contact Information

International Office
Av. José Maria Vale de Andrade
Campus Politécnico
3504-510 Viseu – Portugal

E-mail: internationaloffice[a]
Telephone: (+351) 232 480 739 / 773
Fax: (+351) 232 480 750

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